Download Free Ringtones

By popular request here is some information about how to download free ringtones

How to download free ringtones

Free ringtones come in many formats, older models of phone use keypress, Nokia rttl or tones can be added using the phones inbuilt composer. More modern phones are able to take polyphonic midi or mmf format. First of all you need to identify the type of ring tone your phone takes then do a search to download free ringtones for a mixed bag or maybe download rttl ringtones for results that are better targetted to your type of phone.

Where Can I download free ringtones

The following sites offer download of free ringtones

Download Free Ringtones - This site brings you the newest ringtones and polyphonic ringtones for your mobile phone. You can download free ringtones for a wide range of mobile phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Ericsson.