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What is a Droodle?

      A droodle is a sort of picture joke. It is a simple line drawing with a funny meaning, like this one:

This is a shark returning from Disneyland (see the mouse ears?). Here is another one:

Do you see anything? This one is a bald short-sighted man (seen from the top). Do you get the idea? Droodles aren't serious puzzles at all, so when you're looking at them--don't be to serious!

Here are quite a few more droodles. Just click on one to see the answer. Have fun!

A quick bit of droodle history:

      Simple droodles have been drawn by kids in America ever since colonial days. However in the 1950's they became a fad, and kids and adults have enjoyed droodles ever since.

Just click a droodle to see its solution

Several of the droodles on this site are (c) 1999-2002 Vision Office.
www.droodles.com. And are used with permission.

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