A Knight and His Weapons

By Ewart Oakshott

      Although this book was probably intended for reference, it was an interesting read and, for me, was quite a discovery. I had been looking a long time for a book that gave an overview of what weapons a knight used and how he used them--and that's just what A Night and His Weapons did. Many readers who aren't interested in this sort of thing may find this book dull or would prefer to skip it altogether but what it does it does well.
      Ewart Oakshott describes all of the major knightly weapons in detail as well as telling how they each developed. He also gives interesting historical anecdotes and background, describing many medieval battles and how weaponry affected their outcomes.
      He writes from the standpoint of a collector of swords and a re-enactor as well as a historian, giving his writing an interesting firsthand flavor. On occasion it also becomes evident that he is British, like when he mentions the pattern of a cricket shoe's sole as if it were common knowledge.
     This book could be useful for someone studying the Middle Ages, but is excellent for anybody who really wants to know about a knight's weaponry and its use. This is the only concise and interesting book on the topic I've seen.

John, age 16

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