Out of the Silent Planet

By C. S. Lewis

      Out of the Silent Planet is the first book in C. S. Lewis's space trilogy, which also includes Perelandra and That Hideous Strength, some of his few fiction works written for adults. It is probably the easiest to read in the trilogy, and is excellent, though not my favorite of the three books (That Hideous Strength is).
      The book is a science fiction story about a man, kidnapped and taken into outer-space against his will. Although the scientific aspect of the story seems a little dated to today's reader, the adventure and spiritual aspects of the story are superb. Like all of Lewis's fiction works, it has a strong Christian message and provides much food for thought.
      Although a little slow at times, this is an excellent book, especially if you want something well-thought-out and original. As always, Lewis has created a story that is totally unique; with the same story telling genious that made The Cronicles of Narnia so engaging, and the same spiritual depth that he is known for in Screwtape and Mere Christianity.
       Though this book may be a bit much for younger readers, I strongly recommend it, especially to fans of Lewis's other work.

John, age 16

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