About Polyphonic Ringtones

By popular request here is some information about polyphonic ringtones

What is a polyphonic ringtone

Todays poly ringtones are almost as good as the original records, the quality gets better all the time due to continuous improvement in mobile phone audio technology. Most modern mobile phones with play 16 track tunes. Whilst the early mobile phones that would only play monophonic sounds are still around it is only a matter of time before all mobile phone manufacturers produce handsets that play polyphonic tones. Polytones sound good and most hits are available to be transmitted in stereo to give up to 40 different notes playing at a time.

Where Can I get a polyphonic ringtone

The following sites offer polyphonic ringtones

Polyphonic Ringtones - www.polyphonic-ringtones-ring-tones.co.uk for ringtones, logos and phone information.