Like No Place On Earth


      There is no other place in the world like this--the smells and the sounds. In short, there is nowhere on earth like our kitchen (except, perhaps, another kitchen.) There is often the smell of something pleasant, and even when there is nothing cooking I can always look at the fridge and imagine what the meals to come will be like. Even when something like enchiladas are cooking I can still see past one lousy meal to the next. When you walk into a kitchen with something in the oven there is always the pleasure of trying to deduce what exactly is cooking, is it a friend or an enemy? Naturally apple pie is our ally, but one must be careful of the dreaded tuna casserole.
      Another integral part of the kitchen is the floor. It is, of course, tile--meant to keep you out if you have no good reason for being there. Comfort was not in the design for the kitchen. You sit, you fidget your cold feet, and you stare longingly at the fridge. Yes. Although McDonalds has its place, there is nowhere like the kitchen.

Logan (age 14)


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